Brains aren’t real

I don’t have a central nervous system, and I find the insinuation that I do somewhat offensive. Now, I am aware that other humans have found evidence of the existence of the brain and of the fact that processes in the brain influence behavior. However, I am not like other humans. I am dreaming all this. Do people in dreams have brains? If you watch an autopsy in a dream, they will find a brain, and if you take a drug in a dream, it will affect you through its effect on the brain. But still, it seems wrong to say that dreamt people really have brains that they are controlled by. So why would wakefulness be any different?

Neurologists scare me. They’re trying to reduce our souls to electric impulses inside a piece of meat. We’re not supposed to understand how the brain works. I dislike so-called “evolutionary psychologists” for the same reason, although I’m not so scared of them because they tend to be a lot dumber than neurologists, so there’s little risk of them getting something right.