Atheists are my enemies. However, I treat my enemies exactly the same way as my friends, so they wouldn’t know this unless I told them. I used to think I was an atheist myself, but then I became estranged from the gods, and thereby realized that the gods had existed all along. I don’t know what a god is. I trust dreams about gods more than the traditions about them that are called religions. However, I have met a few gods, such as the Sun. Perhaps it’s true that they are all one god; if so, I must be that god.

The people who call themselves "religious" tend to be the worst atheists. I don’t trust what Christians say about the gods.

I love everything that the gods have created, even the evil things. The gods are trying to hide behind atheism, so we shouldn’t seek them out. I’m a very careful person. I don’t want to break the world by looking too closely at it. Atheists know this, even if they don’t know it, and therefore the gods want people to be atheists.

People who claim to be atheists are not really atheists, since if they were, they would realize that something was missing.