I don’t know what a “god” is. I have been so thoroughly infected by the atheistic culture that I live in, that it’s hard for me to even understand what people meant when they used this word. But for almost all of history, almost everyone has taken the existence of gods as self-evident, and we have not learned anything new that should cause us to doubt that they are real. I take my inability to see the gods as evidence of the strength of my materialist indoctrination.

When falling asleep, I can see the dreams coming while still half-awake. There are images—sometimes literal visual images, sometimes more feelings (not emotions, but more akin to the feeling of a presence, or the feeling of being watched). I get the sense that these images are coming from somewhere else. And somewhat frequently, I even get the strong sense that the images are something imagined by a nonphysical but soulful being. There are entities that exist somewhere else and take part in dreams, but which are not exactly animals because they don’t have bodies like us. The Sun, also taking the form of an eye, has shown itself to me in this way multiple times.